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Berlin – A story on how to rebuild a city the proper way


We begin our Travel tips and tricks with no other than the city of Berlin. Among all the cities I have visited in Europe, Berlin and London are the only cities I would enjoy to live in and spend part of my life. The fun fact about this city is that it was completely destroyed during World War II and you can see traces of such a catastrophe in every single building you walk by...

Merry Christmas


Hello readers, for the few of you out there…I wish you a happy Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true. Did Santa pass by? What have you received, a gift or a piece of coal? This is the period of the year where we can see who was good or bad during the year. Whether you received something or not, Christmas is about taking a moment for yourself, reflect and project your inner self...

Christmas is coming


Today I woke up early, even though I am not an early bird. I cleaned the house, prepared breakfast and started the day with the right attitude! Oh Santa Claus, I hope you’re coming to me as well, even though I don’t have cookies and milk. Plans were all messed up by Her. While I was having lunch, she asked me if I want to hang out with her near the Lake of Garda. Being deeply in love...



On our first lesson, we are going to talk about happiness. How many of us are on a trip for ages in order to find this so simple yet so complex feeling? Nobody knows exactly how it works, yet so many of us pretend they found it. The question is, why do we lie to ourselves? Why are we so desperate to avoid admitting that we have no clue how it feels. What is this feeling? The state of feeling...

Christmas in advance


Hello peeps, as yesterday I found out I will spend this Christmas by myself, my family moved the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day today. That being said, we had dinner and everything like we would regularly do. Every time I spend time with my family is like my productivity reaches zero. Today I basically only drove around and had a lazy day. But I guess I needed that. So why will I be alone on...

Here we go again…


Dear readers, here we go again. For days now I was preparing that special gift. Today I bought the paper to write the gift up but then she told me that we shouldn’t meet: family problems. In a different context, I can understand and respect the decision. However, in this specific case, it feels more like a rejection. It’s not the reason, but the way she put it up. I have thought a lot...

Learning Life 101 – A new beginning


Howdy peeps, ready to start learning to live your life? Let me explain to you what this small post is about. When I was feeling lonely and looking on the web for an article related to my feelings, I didn’t find anything useful. I did not find someone else’s story in which I could resemble. Because of this reason, I decided to start this Learning Life series. I will try to embrace a...

Back to reality


Howdy! We did it. Yesterday was amazing and so was this morning. I gotta be honest with you, waking up with her is truly the best part of the day and feeling her perfume in the morning makes me want to freeze in time the moment. We had dinner, we watched some episodes – Black Mirror if you ask. Everything went normal, nothing explosive or to give me false hopes. Then it happened. We kissed...



Today was a weird but interesting day. Remember Her? Well, guess who is going to have dinner at her house. Yep, that’s me. I have no idea how the universe works against me, it’s like everytime I can clear my mind a little bit and suffer my way out of this misery, her callout makes me fall again and remember the good old memories we shared and had. I can’t blame her, she’s...

Goodbye sweetheart


What happened today? Apart from seeing my world breaking, nothing much. I overslept, so I arrived late to work, but thanks God my boss understands my situation. Working hard, I managed to obtain good progress, however by mid-day I received a message from Her saying that she does not want to know when I find a better one – even though she left me by her own decision. Now, what is not clear...

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