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The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

Victor Hugo

The second feeling we are talking about is Love. Probably the most anticipated one, am I right? Being a romance believer and knight, this feeling has always been my life objective, but like most of you…I had no idea where to start or how to recognize it.

What is this feeling?

Well, in order to properly define love, I have been doing some researches and apparently the best one out there is from Urban Dictionary (who would have thought right?)

Love is the most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone. It is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions. When you want nothing more for them than to be happy no matter what it takes. It is when you guide and always help someone in their best interest. Above all, love is a powerful word.

Love can make you doing anything and sacrifice whatever it takes when it’s the right time. Expectations are always put in front of this feeling, but the truth is love acts on its own. It is not a sure thing, it fluctuates. You never know when it hits and how powerful it is.

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you,

and trusting them not to.

some user on the Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages

In terms of advantages you’ll have to find it by yourself. Why? Because love for some can be everything and for some nothing. Love usually comes together with happiness, and based on what makes you happy will decide how much of an impact this feeling is for your soul.

The disadvantages is, as stated previously, the ability to destroy your inner self given to a total stranger. Obviously, that it is not always the case. There is always the parental love and sometimes there is love even between friends. However, the most powerful version of it is between two lovers, where there is a thin line between love and hate.

Solutions and Improvements

I am not the perfect person to speak about this. I am not perfect, nor do I know how to handle greater problems of this feeling. However, what I do know and saw that it works is to simply brush it off.

Yes, whenever you feel in love, whatever happens, brush it off. What that means is that if this feeling makes you fly, if this feelings makes you happy, if this feeling is what you’ve been looking for all your life, whatever happens, let it be. Don’t give importance to fights, don’t give importance to distance, don’t give importances to differences, don’t give importance to anything else but the one true feeling and state you are in when you’re with that someone towards whom you feel it.

The most important thing, above all bad, is how good you feel when it acts.

Personal Opinion

Being a young guy who has tried it all, I must say that for me love towards a special someone is a must and a goal to achieve in my life, and I am positive I have achieved it. How do I know this? Well…

Like you already know – and bored of, I am in a relationship with this lovely girl. Being a pretty straight forward person, I have had various experiences and to be honest, every time there was a flaw at early stages.

With this girl – or woman – things are a little bit different. Why? We are almost at 8 months of “knowing” each other and to be honest with you, I am always looking forward to seeing her blue eyes and radiant smile. There is not one single day that I am not thinking about her.

In the morning, I want to see her sleepy face, her naked curved body and her little feet slowly stepping around to get dressed. At night, I want to fall asleep with her on my chest, I want to feel her breath and I want to smell her perfume. I want to feel her mine, as I want to feel myself hers.

With her, everything is simple and doable. There are fights, there are problems, there are periods of lows, but nothing matters to the way she makes me feel.

I have always believed that you can always fix things or you can always learn to adapt to certain things or habits, but you can never learn to have such pure feelings for someone. It is like we are brother and sister, best friends, friends, lovers, strangers and professional links at the same time.

For me, love is when you cannot picture your future anymore without the other one. It is when you are eager to do impulsive life-making decisions like moving in together, marrying, having kids.

That is how she makes me feel. I want to move in with her and cook together pancakes, I want to marry her, I want to have one little boy with her and one little girl – and I am only in my early twenties, but she makes me feel that I am ready and cannot miss an opportunity like this.

Trust me when I speak from my own experience, after trying and going out with more than 100 others (impressive, I know) and finding out their personalities (on my dates, I am always eager to know more), she is the only one with whom I wasn’t bored after a week.

That, my friends, is what love is. An unpredictable, unknown and mysterious feeling that makes you do things you normally wouldn’t do and that makes you connect with someone in a way that leaves you speechless.

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a Broken Soul


I am a broken soul just like many of you. I simply had enough and decided to create a blog where I can log every single bit of my feelings and maybe help each other to overcome life's difficulties.

Sounds good, right?

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a Broken Soul


I am a broken soul just like many of you. I simply had enough and decided to create a blog where I can log every single bit of my feelings and maybe help each other to overcome life's difficulties.

Sounds good, right?

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