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Sweet Love


Remember the post about relationships? The story still continues. It is not without fights, on the contrary. Needless to say, it involves hard work. But when you are in love, things simply come in place by themselves with time. We are soon going to skiing together, probably our first holiday together as a couple. I have already spoken with a host on Airbnb for this marvellous wooden cabin and I...

My Sassy Girl


I believe it is time for me to actually tell you why she is my perfect girl and maybe you can learn something on how to define a person. Often, it is misunderstood that you must have a special ability in order to love someone or be with someone. You must be some sort of Superman, or maybe a spider that bites you and throw web at bad people? That assumption is completely false. What makes a person...

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a Broken Soul


I am a broken soul just like many of you. I simply had enough and decided to create a blog where I can log every single bit of my feelings and maybe help each other to overcome life's difficulties.

Sounds good, right?

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