Sweet Love


Remember the post about relationships? The story still continues. It is not without fights, on the contrary. Needless to say, it involves hard work. But when you are in love, things simply come in place by themselves with time. We are soon going to skiing together, probably our first holiday together as a couple. I have already spoken with a host on Airbnb for this marvellous wooden cabin and I...

My Sassy Girl


I believe it is time for me to actually tell you why she is my perfect girl and maybe you can learn something on how to define a person. Often, it is misunderstood that you must have a special ability in order to love someone or be with someone. You must be some sort of Superman, or maybe a spider that bites you and throw web at bad people? That assumption is completely false. What makes a person...

Oh February


If you ever thought that a relationship is easy, let me tell you this: it is not. Millennials do not understand this, but a relationship is 90% hard work and 10% rewards. Unfortunately, not even us, iGeniuses understand it sometimes. Let me tell you a thing or two about relationships. They are not perfect and most of the times, a relationship is at a steady state. Why? Because people work and...

I was kidding, new love coming up


Alright, let’s start with the first part: excuses. I apologise but apparently I have been telling a lie when I’ve told you guys I am ready to post daily again. I am not. I am way too busy with work and with providing love to Her. It is unbelievable how life works sometimes, it’s almost like a fantasy land where everything is possible and surprises are set around the corner. We...

Happy New Year and a wonderful 2019


Hello readers, I have been missing for a while but with a really good reason: had some fun from the beginning of the year up to now. I am finally feeling relaxed and chill, even though last year my financial budget got hit multiple times with unplanned and unnecessary expenses. But that’s fine! Money comes, money goes. The best way to live your life is to spend them and enjoy every single...

Merry Christmas


Hello readers, for the few of you out there…I wish you a happy Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true. Did Santa pass by? What have you received, a gift or a piece of coal? This is the period of the year where we can see who was good or bad during the year. Whether you received something or not, Christmas is about taking a moment for yourself, reflect and project your inner self...

Christmas is coming


Today I woke up early, even though I am not an early bird. I cleaned the house, prepared breakfast and started the day with the right attitude! Oh Santa Claus, I hope you’re coming to me as well, even though I don’t have cookies and milk. Plans were all messed up by Her. While I was having lunch, she asked me if I want to hang out with her near the Lake of Garda. Being deeply in love...

Christmas in advance


Hello peeps, as yesterday I found out I will spend this Christmas by myself, my family moved the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day today. That being said, we had dinner and everything like we would regularly do. Every time I spend time with my family is like my productivity reaches zero. Today I basically only drove around and had a lazy day. But I guess I needed that. So why will I be alone on...

Here we go again…


Dear readers, here we go again. For days now I was preparing that special gift. Today I bought the paper to write the gift up but then she told me that we shouldn’t meet: family problems. In a different context, I can understand and respect the decision. However, in this specific case, it feels more like a rejection. It’s not the reason, but the way she put it up. I have thought a lot...

Back to reality


Howdy! We did it. Yesterday was amazing and so was this morning. I gotta be honest with you, waking up with her is truly the best part of the day and feeling her perfume in the morning makes me want to freeze in time the moment. We had dinner, we watched some episodes – Black Mirror if you ask. Everything went normal, nothing explosive or to give me false hopes. Then it happened. We kissed...

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