Darn tough time


Hello there, few visitors that I have left – what happened with you guys? From around 600 unique visitors in April I received only 58. Not good, I am disappointed of you! Just kidding. That being said, I apologise for my absence. It was for a good reason. Unfortunately, on 16th of March me and my girlfriend (yes, her) played the leading roles in a motorcycle crash. What started to be a...

My Sassy Girl


I believe it is time for me to actually tell you why she is my perfect girl and maybe you can learn something on how to define a person. Often, it is misunderstood that you must have a special ability in order to love someone or be with someone. You must be some sort of Superman, or maybe a spider that bites you and throw web at bad people? That assumption is completely false. What makes a person...

Love and everything that brings with it


The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.Victor Hugo The second feeling we are talking about is Love. Probably the most anticipated one, am I right? Being a romance believer and knight, this feeling has always been my life objective, but like most of you…I had no idea where to start or how to recognize it...

Oh February


If you ever thought that a relationship is easy, let me tell you this: it is not. Millennials do not understand this, but a relationship is 90% hard work and 10% rewards. Unfortunately, not even us, iGeniuses understand it sometimes. Let me tell you a thing or two about relationships. They are not perfect and most of the times, a relationship is at a steady state. Why? Because people work and...

I was kidding, new love coming up


Alright, let’s start with the first part: excuses. I apologise but apparently I have been telling a lie when I’ve told you guys I am ready to post daily again. I am not. I am way too busy with work and with providing love to Her. It is unbelievable how life works sometimes, it’s almost like a fantasy land where everything is possible and surprises are set around the corner. We...

Happy New Year and a wonderful 2019


Hello readers, I have been missing for a while but with a really good reason: had some fun from the beginning of the year up to now. I am finally feeling relaxed and chill, even though last year my financial budget got hit multiple times with unplanned and unnecessary expenses. But that’s fine! Money comes, money goes. The best way to live your life is to spend them and enjoy every single...

Berlin – A story on how to rebuild a city the proper way


We begin our Travel tips and tricks with no other than the city of Berlin. Among all the cities I have visited in Europe, Berlin and London are the only cities I would enjoy to live in and spend part of my life. The fun fact about this city is that it was completely destroyed during World War II and you can see traces of such a catastrophe in every single building you walk by...



On our first lesson, we are going to talk about happiness. How many of us are on a trip for ages in order to find this so simple yet so complex feeling? Nobody knows exactly how it works, yet so many of us pretend they found it. The question is, why do we lie to ourselves? Why are we so desperate to avoid admitting that we have no clue how it feels. What is this feeling? The state of feeling...

Learning Life 101 – A new beginning


Howdy peeps, ready to start learning to live your life? Let me explain to you what this small post is about. When I was feeling lonely and looking on the web for an article related to my feelings, I didn’t find anything useful. I did not find someone else’s story in which I could resemble. Because of this reason, I decided to start this Learning Life series. I will try to embrace a...

Welcome to my life


This is my first post on this new journey, so please don’t be harsh with the critics. I am trying my best. The reason I’ve started this chapter of my blog is to have a log of my life, to track every single decision I make, bad or good, and learn from it. I also made this blog to find my inner self, because right now, I am in a really bad period and I cannot seem to escape this state...

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I am a broken soul just like many of you. I simply had enough and decided to create a blog where I can log every single bit of my feelings and maybe help each other to overcome life's difficulties.

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